The Candy Crash Board Hints

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Candy crush hints gives you the opportunity to play candy crush in a simple and strategist way while reaching the top level in a very easy way. This game is known to have three past versions. This is what has been making the game developers to go back and make some improvements on the game that is the board itself. As far as the first game was concerned we had players collecting two candy combos that had been wrapped.

It is also very important to note the fact that in the previous versions the board had got only six colors. With the second version you were required to collect the six wrapped candy. This was a bit simple. In the third version one was required to collect five color bombs as well as 15 stripped candies. Actually the third version of this game is the one that has undergone the most revision, and this is what has made it easy on how to play candy crush.

For you to get a single start you are required 10,000 points, 70, 000 points are required for 2 stars while 95,000 points for 3 stars. For you to obtain candies that are special on the board you have to plan moves. This is more so when you are required to obtain color bombs; whatever you do at the bottom sends an effect that cascading, this actually helps you on the game. The other importance of the use of bombs that are colored is the fact that it will be easier for you to make an identification of the colors that you have removed.